Katharina Bohm.

08//2018 Bosch Advanced Cut
02 // 2018

Behind the door Campaign for Neff

Earlier this year I took part in shooting the new cooling campaign "Creative cooling".

Print and online.

Client: Neff Home // Agency: Philipp&Keuntje // Production: Add Productions Hamburg // Art department: Christian Schätzel // Head light technician: Philipp Gerhardt // Hair&Makeup: Adriano dos bento Anjos

Wadi Quelt // Judean desert // Israel


New recipe shooting for Amidori Food

Client: Amidori Food / Agency: Polycore, Jan Peukert / Foodstyling: Markus Bongardt & me

Neff // Behind the door

Last month I have been shooting the new "Behind the door" campaign for Neff Home. Update soon.  

Client: Neff Home / Agency: Philipp&Keuntje, Franziska Flau / Production: Add Productions Hamburg / Art department: Christian Schätzel / Head light technician: Philipp Gerhardt /Styling: Maren Assmus / Hair&Makeup: Adriano dos bento Anjos

Margot Friedländer // deutschland.de

Interview with two students and Margot Friedländer  as part of the Margot Friedländer Prize. 

Since 2014, young people have been called upon to engage in projects dealing with the Holocaust, its transmission and testimony in interactive projects and to work against today's forms of anti-semitism, racism and exclusion.

Portraits // Arnold & Gladisch Architects
Christmas recipe production

Neff home 

Coffee roastery Andraschko Berlin

Client: Stern Gesund leben

Shooting the new Bauhaus Campaign 2017/18 with Freunde des Hauses

Photography // Print and online

Client: Bauhaus / Agency: Freunde des Hauses / Production: Bubbles Film / Art department: Sebastian Krawinkel / Styling: Maren Assmus / Hair&Makeup: Sabine Bolognini

Food prepping with Wild & Wiese

For Russell Hobbs

Teaser // Teekult

Photography and Foodstyling

Amalfi coast


Kymyr Кимир

Going back to the birthplace of my grandmother. She left in the middle of the night in 1940 and never came back. She was part of the german colony in Galicia. 

More headspace for cooking

Neff Campaign for wall-mounted hoods

The Ingredient '16

Food photograpy // Recipe insert

The Ingredient '17

Whats new in the Neff Kitchen

Bauhaus // Keine halben Sachen

Print Campaign 2016/2017 / Agency // Freunde des Hauses Hamburg // TV Spot directed by Freier&Eckert // DOP Mathias Schöning // Production Bubbles Film

Nido Magazin // Reportage

Eine Kajaktour in de Mecklenburgische Seenplatte

Techniker Krankenkasse // It's Tea Time

Online // Social Media 

Bosch Indego

Campaign Print / Online

Two friends, one day of cooking, and a lot of meat

Brochure gas cooktops Neff

Business Punk

Den Teufel als Beifahrer // 8000 km, 10 countries, 15 days