Katharina Bohm.


Carer BrandsBringing a home appliances brand to life.

Home connectWhere new ideas grow. A look into tomorrows kitchen. From the potential of seaweed, the power of mushrooms and particular light tones inspired by nature.

HansgroheEnjoying water without compromise

Take a breathRoaming trough the Swedish wilderness. A journey through pristine nature, stormy waters, living in the moment and cold baths in clear water.

Cerdo IbericoFour-legged olive trees - Cerdo Ibérico de Bellota are pigs that spend their lives trotting through oak groves, where they are free to feed on grasses, herbs and acorns. Not only is their meat delicious but also rich in unsaturated fats.

BauhausFor a few years now I have been lucky enough to photograph the print campaigns for Bauhaus. Which were created in collaboration with various film productions at the most interesting locations all across Europe.

Wilde KlosterkücheTagesspiegel Magazin "Brandenburg"

Hansgrohe ZesisCampaign

Ramaz Nikoladze - GeorgienThe road into the mountains of the Caucasus is steep and stony. It takes us past Chiaturi, a hilly town in the northwestern province of Imereti that was one of the most important mining centers for manganese ore at the beginning of the last century. Museum-ready mountain railroads and disused farmsteads bear witness to its decay. It is a journey back in time. And into the future at the same time.

Nice to eat youProducing delicious food content for various clients.

Glass DraftPushing the boundaries in the kitchen

Graphite GreyFifty shades of grey - The theme of grey runs like a red thread through the kitchen concept and the food. We experiment with ashes, with smoke, with shades of grey that we find on skins, bowls and textures.

Creative CookingThe dutch design team and couple Petra Janssen and Edwin Vollebergh, also known as Studio Boot, created a space without walls where they live together, work together, come together with their huge circle of friends, all of them as creative and special as their hosts. Campaign for Neff kitchen.

Bauhaus Campaign 2020

The kitchen as a stagePreparing a meal is an art similar to putting a theater play on stage. That’s the way Christoph Himmel sees it. He’s not a cook, but an artist. And for him, the perfect dinner is one that runs counter to your expactations.

A house of generationsIn the workshop of an old house in Southern Tyrol, the carpenter Jochen Haidacher build an incredible space to cook and live in. Jochen comes from a family that works with wood since four generations.

The Baltic Sea Circle8000 km, 10 countries, 15 days

Blades of beautyThe high art of making traditional steel knives.

The last horse fisherman of BelgiumFor centuries the fisherman on the northwestern Belgian coast have been shrimp fishing on horsebacks. The water is ice cold. But the heavy cold blood horses drag the heavy nets with immeasurable patience.

SwedenA Swedish adventure - Sometimes i needed to click my fingers to make sure my ears still work.

Swiss farmersLivestock show

Armenia and Georgia, 2015A journey trough Georgia and Armenia. Two small countries in the Caucasus region, at the edge of Europe, old and young at the same time.

Show meTwo dog shows in Melbourne, Australia and Berlin, Germany.

Canoeing with kidsEditorial for Nido magazine

Portrait of a familyThe parents and their two sons live with 18 dairy cows on a family farm between Zurich and the Alps. They can only mantain this way of living because of heavy goverment subsidies for their cows. I moved in with them for more than four months.

Tel AvivMy love

UkraineTaking my grandma back to her birthplace.


Berlin roofsChimney sweeper